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Hooray for September!

So, it would seem that August got the shaft as far as me posting goes. However, now that I'm not busy moving, cleaning or any of that other junk... though I do still have school to contend with... Perhaps I'll have a little more time to write again. This time around I was inspired by an assignment for my grammar class. I know what you're thinking.... "Oh God, what has she gotten into now that she can nit pick about?"

Actually, the assignment is right up my alley. First of all, I had to find a person who has a voice that irritates me, and then I have to listen to a clip of their voice over and over and analyze certain nuances of it to determine if that quality is what's annoying about it. Some of these include accents that bother you, unnatural intonation, too much inflection modulation and crude or confusing language. Oh, also any kind of word order that seems unnatural, or if there's anything that I consider "bad" grammar in their speech. If you're curious, I ended up picking Fran Drescher, also known as that lady from The Nanny.

InterludeCollapse )
We've all had a few days to take a break from too much serious. :3 Now we're going to take a slightly longer break from it, despite the serious sounding title. In case anyone doesn't know/ remember, it's part of the Chick speech that Touga gives at the beginning of every student council meeting. :3

"If it cannot hatch from it's shell, the chick will die without ever truly being born. We are the chick; the world is our egg. If we don't break the world's shell, we will die without truly being born. Smash the world's shell, for the Revolution of the World."

Anyway. That's your prelude for the day.

Episode 18Collapse )

Hooray for tying things together. :3 Next episode will be better. Should be plenty of opportunities for hilarity coming up. Plus I had to get things in motion for later events. Gosh, lookit me planning for the future. Lulz :3 Not to worry about it getting too structured, however. I do have plans but there's plenty of room for impromptu humor and one liners. :D
The song... it's stuck in my head. I can't decide whether you should live or die. :o I've been formulating a lot of new ideas for this story. It's a story now. It's official. It's going to start in this episode, but things might get creepy. Actually, they will get creepy. Possibly very creepy. I did this Trigun style where the first half of the series everything is very episodic and comical, and as soon as you get half way through, stuff gets serious. Now that you've spent this time getting to know the characters, and loving them or hating them, this is when things start to happen. I'm going to keep the format the same, because that's just the style for this story, and I've discovered I can still create tension and drama in this format, and thanks to Godpapa, I've discovered creepy also comes across. OK. Ready? We're jumping over the cliff now...

Episode 17Collapse )

Don't kill me.They tell you to write what you know. This is what I know. This is not where I had originally intended things to go, but a dream I had this morning altered everything.

Can You Tell?

I love L. :3

I've been watching Death Note with Steph P and Steph W from Target. Steph P has never seen it before, so it's all new to her. Well. Today, we got to the episode where L dies. I had bought donuts for the occasion to honor L's memory. Steph P was very upset, and refused to watch anymore Death Note for the day. I felt proud. :3

Now I have icons for all of the characters I've been using often. And even Greed and Kamina who I don't use that often. I was going to see about getting a new Envy icon, but how could I replace the Envy tree that has brought me so much joy? I couldn't. So I shuffled through my icons and deleted ones that were less relevant to my story thing. So now I have 3 L icons and 2 Axel ones among all of my icons. I had the hardest time finding a Riku icon I liked enough to use. Even the one I ended up with isn't completely what I want, but oh well.

Then, of course, I had to get icons for Utena and Touga. And... I forgot Saix. >.> Oh well. He was only in 1 episode anyway. :x Perhaps the Doctor deserves an icon? I'm sure lanarien  would say so :3 Anyways. The whole point of icons was to have pictures of the people I'm using. Also I was thinking about perhaps using the picture of the person that the episode kind of centered on. Then in the case where it didn't center on anyone, I could just pick one at random that I wanted to use. :3

Maybe I'm a little over structured. :o I did also toy around with the idea of just having a bunch of L icons and using him as my Avatar even though my name is Raziki. ^^; People do it on Deviant Art all the time, right? :x

Anyway, I have been also thinking about making a second journal page for writing things that are not this style or even necessarily with these characters. I know that there must be some way to do that since all the tools on here seem to lead in that direction. Also, Pyra has two pages. :o I'm so smart. Lookit me doing detective work.

Gosh, it is late. I shouldn't really be up at this hour since I have to get up early for work, but oh well. Too late now.
Hugs and Kisses.
It seems I'm too lazy to try and write a real story, and so I find myself back here. I've been planning a Kingdom Hearts story, but I'm running into the problem I always run into, which is the passage of time as people get to know each other. How do you make that interesting to read? What kind of events can I put in there? Should I just be a lazy bitch and say "A few weeks later" and be done with it? I dunno. Maybe, if I could just force myself to write, I could come up with a solution. I don't quite have the gumption to do that. I'm feeling too lazy to write fan fiction, but I'm upset with the fan fiction community at the moment because I'm having a hard time finding something I want to read.

Anyway. I know what's going on here, and it's not difficult to write.

Episode 16Collapse )

So, that's that for now. :3 My apologies that this one wasn't quite as funny as they used to be, but when you've got drama to deal with it's harder to keep up the funny. I'll do better next episode. :D I hope that despite this being different from my original posts that you all still enjoy reading them.

Episode 15, The Beginning of the End

Do not be alarmed. I'm going to start some more experiments. :3 I've got a general plot line that I'm unsure how many episodes it will cover, but when we get there, we get there. For the time being, I'm on 15. Expect the unexpected. Perhaps I'll surprise you now and then. Also, expect inside jokes that one or the other of you might not get. In return, expect inside jokes that you will get. :3 On with the show.

Episode 15Collapse )

So. Besides all the crazy shipping, I hope you can all forgive me. It does have a story purpose, I swear. Eventually. It was very difficult to balance that all properly between what should happen, and what could happen and what I wanted to play around with... anyway. Just know it was a struggle. It's really a reward for me in the end. ^^;

Episode 14, Too Long, Didn't Listen

I am such an idiot.
I deleted this whole post on accident because I left this window open and closed Firefox. All of my genius is lost. Now, I must start over. It's going to have to be completely different because otherwise I'm going to be upset about losing potential funny to my idiocy. It's too late. I'm already upset.

Episode 14Collapse )

I love it when things tie around back together again! :D I look forward to your commentary. :3

Episode 13, The Jig is Up!


Episode 13Collapse )

Sorry, no lead in text because I needed the title of the episode to match up with the first line uninterrupted. :3 Talk about cameos! I can't really say much without it being spoilers, but there's drama and suspense in this one! :O enjoy. <3

So, I was inspired by the fact that it's Thursday. :3 You'll have to pardon me if my information is off since I'm not a DnD head, and I'm too lazy to go riffling through a bunch of books to make sure I get facts straight. Since this is purely for amusement, please place your disbelief to the side and pretend you don't know more than I do about this that or the other thing. :3

Episode 12Collapse )

Anyway. :3 There it is. Hopefully everyone will have read this by the time we get to playing tonight. Which isn't really that far off, so... we'll see. I think I actually managed to get everything in there I had sort of planned for... but I can't really remember since it was kind of a general idea to begin with. ^^;; 
Here we are at episode 11. Since I forced my way through episode 10, which was full of randomness that even I can't account for, we are now in a better place. Even though I'm hungry, I'm in a pretty good mood, and I've noticed that it's much easier to write comedy when you're in a free spirited kind of mood. ( Duh, right?)

Now, I know Nathan has been over shadowing me with his comic pages, but I will do my best to pull out the stops and make this a good read. Since Touga is borrowing 2 of my characters that I don't use very often, I don't have to feel guilty about not writing them. ^^; So now it's just down to Kuja, Envy, L and me. Or is it.

Episode 11Collapse )

Bwahaha! >:D Revenge is sweet. I survived Episode 11. Hooray. :3 For the future, I'll see what I can do about getting Saix back for you, lanarien . :3 Anywho, it's a bit late and time for me to get some sleep. <3 Until next time.